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Cara membuat game private ran server.. [GUIDE]

cara ini sih bisa didapet dari forum tetangga. tp kenapa gak kita berbagi.
cara ini dah di implementasikan di server2 private indo..
baik dari
Xbyte ran online
URo ran online
Jamuran ran online
Setting up a Ran Online EP 2,3,4, Private Server
modal awal :

1.) Required Programs
SQL 2005 Express
Install Windows Installer 3.1 Install .NET Framework 2.0 (dotnetfx.exe)
Install MSSQL 2005 Express Edition
Install MSSQL Management Studio Express

2.) Server Files
SQL Script Database
Ep4 Databases.
Pet Database.- PASSWORD: mahalkopdf

Server Files- from Ianotida.- Link Fixed in Mediafire.
Server Files-from bk2483
Client Files - From ianotida. (working)

Quote: jika terjadi error sperti dibwah ini
Session Server Connection OK


SessionSndSvrInfo CH:1

(Client ID:0) (

INFO:Field Server CH(0) FIELD(0) ID(0) Connection OK

ERROR:CAgentServer::FieldConnect connect CH(0) FIELD(1)

ERROR:CAgentServer::FieldConnect connect CH(0) FIELD(2)



Server Start OK

, gunakan field servers. dibwah ini
Field Servers 1, 2, and 3 Mediafire
Field Servers 1, 2, and 3 RapidShare

3.) Server Manager
Download it here

4.) Episode 4 Editors
Item Editor(beta)
Quest Editor
Skill Editor

5.) GMC editor
Web-Based GMC
Ep6 Tools (Repost)

6.) Ep4 Client Links
SkyRaN Client
KinGRaN Client
BabYRaN Client
HerORaN Client

123Ran Splitted Client bisa juga menggunkan client server lainya
Part 1 - - - 90MB
Part 2 - - - 90MB
Part 3 - - - 90MB
Part 4 - - - 90MB
Part 5 - - - 90MB
Part 6 - - - 90MB
Part 7 - - - 60MB

Full Client Version of 123ran
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Guide on how to setup.

• Download and install all of the required programs.

• Download the database and also a client to use

• Make a folder for you server files and make sure you also have the
data folder from your client inside the server files folder.

• Download the client patch and replace all the files in the client you

• Change the Ip in your param and cfg.

• Setup your odbc and databases.

• Create an account in; Open MSQL, expand databases, expand RanUser,
expand tables, right click dbo.userinfo and click open table; Make sure
that the password you had put is converted in MD5.

• Run the server and log in and play! (Dont Put md5 pass when u log in in-game
use the string converted of it.

ex. 098F6BCD4621D373CAD = test (enter "test" when loggin in-game)[/quote]Other
ODBC Setting for SQL 2k5
Download it here.

GUI .xml Files
KingRaN Gui
123ran Gui
HeroRan GUI

Important Text Files (Decrypted and Translated)
RanCP - Add-Ons
Register.php Use this to register your account and pass to md5 hash
Note: It wont work unless u run 3 field server with different port.

Other Tools
Hex Editor , RANFE, DOS Decryptor & Encryptor
Launcher 2.5

If you see a bug or something unnessesary in your server, you may base some
solution here and some other in here.
Big Thanks to: Pinoy Dev Forum, and to all the members of RaGEZONE Ran

Ran Ep4 Setup Guide.txt

tenzuo's database


Quote: Tenzuo's Database < (incomplete pet db) Ianotida's Database GUI .xml Files Quote: KingRan Gui HeroRan Gui 123Ran Gui Important Text Files (Decrypted and Translated) Quote: Default.chaclass:

Param.ini and Param.cfg:





Comment.txt: Game.exe +
Glogics= No need to use if you downloaded an client that is modified completely.
Quote: Rainbow Ran:

Glogic/Quest/NPctalk Fix [Mix Class Can buy at the NPC] : ODBC SETUP:
Quote: how to use?

download > extract it > right click > merge and ur done

still fixing

remember kalau menggunakan XP2 disarankan upgrade ke xp3..
bisa2 terjadi seprti kemarin yang saya kerjakan BSOD.. dikarenakan
net frame work 2.0 terinfeksi malware.. sudah saya coba menggunakan antivirus
ESET nod32,kapersky,pcmav,ansav, tetap tidak terditeksi..

happy make a ran server... cimimiwww

thx to ragezone and all members. for sharing

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