Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tips To Play Vampire In Warcraft III

Vampire maps most popular in warcraft 3. here i post some tips to new player.for pro player i think this tips also usefull.


1. Find spot to build your base. try to find spot which you need build 3 wall only.
2. Build 4 house and hurry press auto harvester mode. create harvester as many as you can.
3. Build Slayer Tavern and hero.
4. Build Wall and upgrade only 1. the last wall until green wall.
5. Build 2 Healer tower behind wall.
6. Build Sight Seen tower near wall.
7. Build Command Center.
8. Buy gold in Vam Base.
9. from now on you can survive and continue upgrade everything.
10. Don't forget to make killer tower.

hope this tips can make you suvive and avoid feeding vam.

any comment and sugestion can post here .
Hapy Gamming.

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