Friday, October 16, 2009


Sometimes people ask me how to connect wireless using thier laptop. Popular question asked to me is " my wireless connected but i cannot connect to internet, why?"

Here the answer for thease question. wacthout!

1. i'm sure wireless adpater is in good because got connection connected. otherwise need to check adapter 1st. Also check wireless router is connected to internet and DHCP included.

2. Make sure your wireless connected to the Access Point not to AD-Hoc connection.

3. When Click connect it will ask for WEP key or security key. Insert the key. For non secure wireless not asking for key. you can just connect to wireless.

4. With correct key you can connected to network.

Ok, here if you wireless connected but still not getting internet.

1. Make sure wireless router/switch connected to internet. and your Ip correct for this network. normally your ip addess will assign automatically. But if ip address not correct you have to put ip manually and same IP range.

2. This problem sometimes happen if you Ip address crash or same with ther other computer. that means 2 computer connected to this network using same ip address. if this problem out you can just repair you connection or canfigure ip again with other values.

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